Come a little closer
I’m gonna show you
What you’ve wanted to know
All night long
With your innocent flirtation
I’ve been waiting to get you alone
It’s time to get it on
Slow down boy
You’re moving too fast
On my side of the world it don’t work like that
I’m gonna show you what you’re doing wrong
You’ve been too uptight for way too long

Wipe those names off your little black list
Cause you’ve never been kissed
In this whole wide world
‘Till you’ve been kissed
By a French girl

Viens prêt de moi et je vais te montrer
Ce que tu voulais savoir toute la soirée
It’s the language of love that’s on my tongue
Hold me then,
Mets tes lèvres sur les miennes
Your face is flushed and you’re breathing hard
Have you ever seen the likes of me
Or is this foreign?
Just hold me tight and you’ll understand this
A smooth and silky forget-me-not kiss!