1. Talk To Me


I'm a mother
And I'm your wife
Don't you talk to me like that allright
Just look me in the eyes
And tell me
What's our future gonna be like?
I know sometimes
That you can't tell
But I love you so much
And it hurts like hell
When we say things
We can't take back
And I don't wanna live
The rest of my life like that so...

Talk to me
I'm the same ole girl I used to be
Talk to me
You've got to love me
Or set me free
Talk to me
The truth is what I need to hear
No matter where we go from here
Don't walk away this time
Baby please
Talk to me

There's something going on
I can feel something's wrong
Don't tell me you don't have time for this
You never do
And that's the way it's always been
But this time
I'm holding my head up high
This time I'm not gonna cry
And I'm not gonna beg
So don't you ever forget
All I ever wanted was for you to...