In the heart of Dixie land
That's where I've been
I heard alot about the boys
Who make the noise
Down in music land
No, I ain't puttin' em down
But let me tell you what I found
It's made me a wreck
Cause I think I love Rednecks!

They open doors
Spit on the floors
And I know how that sounds
When it's a full moon
And a little bit of dew
Them boys like to lay on the ground
It's a heel kickin'
Fist hittin'
Man them boys get loud!
But Oh! What the heck!
I think I love Rednecks!

I've never met the likes of them dudes
But the first dance is when I knew
Before too long
I had to come back home
But I left my number
In the pants of one of them Rednecks!